Les guitares en bois des Vosges

Nouveau, les amplis 100% Vosges débarquent : Les Tétras (c)

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The Beast of the Vosges, a unique Vosgesnote guitar

Wooden guitars from the Vosges, that's a good idea!
Why a wooden guitar from the Vosges? It is a noble material full of history, which has many unknown resources. In particular, spruce and fir, which seem common but used wisely, reveal rare qualities. The spruce, cut into a quarter cut, has an exceptional sound to make soundboards if the pieces are drawn in a chosen wood. So all art is to choose your tree well. The fir tree, the underious emblem of the Vosges, has a unique quality, its beauty of vein in the old trees. It is also light and very solid. Ideal for building an electric guitar body. As we are lucky enough to have large trees, it is easy to have a one-piece body, and not made in several glued parts as is usually done. So we will have to choose carefully the starting piece, so that the body of this guitar is perfect in terms of stability, and beauty of course!


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A report on France 3 talks about the Bête des Vosges guitar. To have:
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